Everything Zen Sailing Charters

Client Work, UX/UI, Branding, Marketing

Everything Zen Sailing Charters is a charter company based out of Charleston who was looking to utilize good brand design to compete with their competitors. My job was to research their demographics and competition, and provide them with design solutions that met their goals. I spent time creating their branding, doing their photography, creating marketing materials, designing their website and booking solutions– all with the goal of forming brand equity that would kick start their business and intrigue potential customers. After implementing my design solutions, each charter season has seen their booking rate increase 2 fold per year and they continue to exceed their profit expectations each season.


    Pantone 345 C is a rich navy blue with a teal hue and gives sharp contrast against white. I used white as a secondary color to create an elegant appearance that correlated with the bright, vibrant white of the boats fiberglass. To further the brand direction, I created logo assets that can be used across different materials. This gives the brand a more professional appearance and makes the materials more intriguing.